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08/12/2017 09:00Fireballs falling from the skies? Yes, but not the brightest ever    ( Durham Herald Sun )
While most meteors never reach the planet's surface, those that do become meteorites, such as the one the fell over Chelyabinsk, Russia, in February ...
08/03/2017 13:35Incoming asteroid will test NASA's planetary defense network    (The Space Reporter)
NASA will test defense system on Earth-skimming asteroid - The Space Reporter
08/02/2017 18:40Impending Asteroid Flyby Will be a Chance to Test NASA's Planetary Defense Network!    (ExpressNewsline)
NASA to use October asteroid flyby as opportunity to test 'planetary defense' - ExpressNewsline
08/01/2017 16:25Asteroid to skim past Earth '4200 MILES' away – so close NASA will test Doomsday defence    (The Engineer)
Close asteroid fly-by will help test planetary defence capabilities - The Engineer
07/31/2017 22:002012 TC4: NASA's Planetary Defense Systems Put to the Test Over Near Miss Asteroid    (
Asteroid skimming past Earth in October will be used to test NASA's 'planetary defence system' -
07/31/2017 11:45NASA to use asteroid flyby to test tracking capabilities of its worldwide observatory network    (Crikey (registration) (blog))
Incoming micro-asteroid will help NASA refine planetary defense projects - Crikey (registration) (blog)
07/28/2017 12:15Doomsday scenario: UA to lead global exercise on response to asteroid threat    (Daily Mail)
Scientists spot a new asteroid the size of a passenger plane (but only three days AFTER it passed ... - Daily Mail
07/22/2017 07:25Watch a car drive straight into a nightmare locust storm    ( New York Post )
Some consider them to be a biblical sign of end times — but Russia has been dealing with annual swarms like this for decades, as the hellish insects ...
07/15/2017 12:40Driver of Ferrari of ex-deputy of State Duma driving on tram ways is fined in Chelyabinsk    ( )
It should be noted that 67-year-old Aleksander Aristov - one of the richest inhabitants of Ural, deputy of the State Duma of Russia of the IV convocation, ...
07/05/2017 12:10NASA wants to crash a spacecraft into an asteroid to protect out planet    ( Digital Trends )
When such an impact does occur — as it did in 2013 when a meteor injured 1,500 people in Chelyabinsk, Russia — it's a sudden reminder of the ...
07/04/2017 12:15Belt and Road Initiative boosts trade    ( China Daily )
Trade between China and Russia is expected to grow thanks to the ... connecting the country's third-largest city, Yekaterinburg, with Chelyabinsk.
07/04/2017 04:10If you die via asteroid, this is how it will happen    (Popular Mechanics)
NASA Spacecraft Would Smash Into an Asteroid as a Dry Run for Saving the Planet - Popular Mechanics
07/02/2017 12:05Coming back down to earth after Asteroid Day    ( )
... Queen's University Belfast, said, showing off a piece of the asteroid which landed in Chelyabinsk, Russia, in 2013 (pictured below with Carolina).
06/30/2017 04:15Russian nuclear waste enters cleanup process    ( Energy Live News - Energy Made Easy )
A ship financed and designed by Italy will transfer the waste to Murmansk, before it is carried by train to a nuclear reprocessing plant in Chelyabinsk.
06/30/2017 04:15NASA Asteroid Hunter Explains the Risks Near Earth Objects Pose to the Planet    (Forbes)
Asteroids Are Coming: Do You Know Where Your Children Are? - Forbes
05/26/2017 21:35$52-million modern terminal to be built in Chelyabinsk airport    ( Construction.RU )
As a reference, the Chelyabinsk region is situated in Russia's Ural Mountains region, on the border of Europe and Asia. Its administrative center is the ...
05/23/2017 00:07Italian Pizzarotti to build two health care facilities in Russia    ( Construction.RU )
Pizzarotti I. E., a subsidiary of the Italian Pizzarotti, plans to construct two health facilities in the Chelyabinsk region of Russia, the company's CEO, ...
05/19/2017 09:05Clinical Trial of Efficacy and Safety of Rengalin in the Treatment of Cough in Patients With Chronic ...    ( MilTech )
NUZ “Road Clinical Hospital at the station Chelyabinsk JSC” RZhD “ Chelyabinsk, Russian Federation, 454000 Contact: Yuliya Shapovalova, MD ...
04/19/2017 07:35Russia plans large nuclear transport vessel with an unclear mission    ( PortNews IAA )
Russia has announced plans to build an enormous ice-class ship to ferry nuclear waste and spent nuclear fuel from points along the Northern Sea ...
04/18/2017 07:35Russia plans large nuclear transport vessel with an unclear mission    ( Bellona )
Russia plans large nuclear transport vessel with an unclear mission. Russia has announced plans to build an enormous ice-class ship to ferry ... is shipped by rail to the Mayak Chemical Combine near Chelyabinsk in the Urals.


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